Unlocking the Voice

School of Consciousness and Transformation MFA 7051 1.00 - 3.00

"Writing has laws of perspective... If you are born knowing them, fine. If not, learn them.” Truman Capote Fling open the door. Create something out of nothing. In this course you are required to pick up your pen, improvise. Prompts from the instructor will help you reach deep inside to generate new work. Writing makes us smarter than we are and helps sharpen reflexes. Students are encouraged to approach, conceptualize, and produce creative work which sharpens and intensifies the lived experience. Accident, experimentation, impulse, dream, intuition – all are part of the creative process. Each workshop session will include creative problem solving, revision, invention, and critique. Interdisciplinary work is welcome – though not necessarily the goal of this workshop. Students make new work, ask questions, and work in an atmosphere of confidence-building, and mutual support. Student writing is further supported by an individual conference during the semester. Except for assigned readings and a writing portfolio, all course requirements will be completed in class.

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