The Tomatis Method, Auditory Stimulation Programs, and Cross-Cultural Healing Music

Public Programs and Performances WKS 047 1.00

Since the 1940s, auditory stimulation has been used for the reeducation of the ear. This field has grown to include methods that address listening and learning disabilities, including dyslexia, attention deficit disorders, speech problems, and poor reading comprehension and communication skills. This workshop explores the research on and clinical applications of the Tomatis Method and related auditory stimulation technologies used nationwide in learning centers, schools, clinics, and homes. The workshop includes lecture, audiovisual presentations, and demonstrations; individual, dyad, and group exercises; and discussions. Participants will learn about both indigenous and traditional cross-cultural therapeutic techniques and sound/music repertoires used in Western health-care settings today. Emphasis will be placed on transcultural themes and the needs of a multiethnic client/patient population. Students will investigate how sound and music are used as diagnostic tools, healing agents, and connectors to spiritual domains.

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