The Great Turning

School of Consciousness and Transformation PARP 6506 2.00

We live in a time of radical transformation, where the fate not only of humanity but of the biosphere itself lies in question. It is a time of “great unraveling” of the structures of modern civilization and of the very fabric of life upon which civilization depends. At the same time, however, millions of people across the planet are actively engaged in a more hopeful, though still uncertain, “Great Turning” devoted to the creation of life-sustaining societies and cultures in harmony with the long-term interests of the wider Earth community. Lectures and dialogue consider the relation of the Great Turning to the wider field of the evolution of consciousness and to the creative synergy that can emerge in the dialogue between traditional religious, spiritual, and leading-edge scientific views of self, the cosmos, and our collective history. Experiential exercises allow for greater insight into, and embodied participation in, the singular character of our current planetary moment; stimulate moral and intellectual competencies for serving life in a time of social and ecological breakdown; and help cultivate an expanded and vitalized sense of the present and a creative relationship to ancestors and future beings.

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