The Epic of the Universe

School of Consciousness and Transformation PARP 6315 3.00

In the modern form of consciousness, the connotation of "Universe" is "stars and galaxies and planets and life". But this objectifivism no longer serves to orient us in the quantum evolutionary Universe we have discovered through contemporary scientific methods. Though it is approximately true to say that we can store within us an objective knowledge of a Universe out there, it is even more accurate to say that our knowledge of the Universe is one of the ways in which the Universe awakens to its own ongoing creative development. In our post-Heisenberg, post-Einstein world, each human is the autobiography of the Universe. Similarly, each rosebud is the epic of the Universe. This course is an inquiry inot the ways in which the Universe has developed. Our overall aim is to participate in the awakening of a nondual, integral form of humanity.

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