Terrapsychological Self-Inquiry and the 12 Principles of Permaculture: Creating Sustainable Self-Systems

School of Consciousness and Transformation EWP 6684 1.00

This class seeks to explore the functional, and not-so functional, elements of the individual landscape (self-scape) through an embodied process of Terrapsychological Self-Inquiry. This inquiry, when functioning as an assessment tool for personal eco-psychological growth, highlights the mind/body/spirit’s relationship to both intrapsychic and relational elements of one’s inner and outer landscape. Through the lens of the Twelve Permaculture Principles, this class will experientially examine and explore ways in which these self-systems could potentially be re-designed for greater sustainability. Through a process of deep exploration, this class will re-vision individually and collectively the thoughts, behaviors and practices we engage in on a daily basis in order to better serve our selves, society and planet.

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