Teaching Academic Writing: Leading Classes, Workshops, and Groups with Integrative Research Seminar

School of Consciousness and Transformation CT 6366 3.00

This course applies current research to the practice of facilitating academic writing development in group sessions for Fellows in the Center for Writing and Scholarship. Drawing from a variety of pedagogical approaches and theories (language socialization, process approach, writers’ workshops, response theory, applied and critical linguistics), students will learn how to form writing groups and classes, establish rapport and working relationships with diverse students, and implement effective response strategies, including peer review. Topics include the social and political dimensions of writing instruction, scholarship as socialization to a community-of-practice, classroom management, and group dynamics. Genres to be emphasized include the literature review, the research paper, the reflective paper, the integrative paper, the dissertation proposal, and the dissertation. In the final part of the course, students will further their understanding of group facilitation and their research on effective tutoring practice by identifying a research problem or issue in the teaching of writing at the inidividual or group level, and will design and develop an original case-based study or inquiry for eventual publication. They will learn how to conduct a critical review of the relevant professional literature; and they will gather, analyze, and interpret data according to the professional standards of their target communities-of-practice. Prerequisites: Center for Writing and Scholarship Fellow; instructor consent. Center for Writing and Scholarship Fellow

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