Subtle Activism: The Role of Consciousness in Planetary Transformation

School of Consciousness and Transformation PARP 6339 3.00

Set within our current context of unparalleled planetary crisis and the call to participate in the Great Turning toward a life-sustaining civilization, this course considers the historical, scientific, and spiritual dimensions of the emerging field of subtle activism. Traditional methods of front-line activism (e.g., marches, demonstrations, putting one’s body in front of bulldozers, etc), essential as they are, represent only the most immediate and direct expressions of activism. A synchronized global meditation and prayer event, in which thousands or millions of people around the planet unite in silence and prayers for world peace, is a prime example of subtle activism. Along with the lectures, shared readings, and dialogue, this course includes practice in Gaiafield Attunement, a subtle activism practice that has emerged from several years of experimentation by members of the Center for Subtle Activism at CIIS.

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