Spiritual Entrepreneurship: Reexamining Our Approaches to Money, Spirituality, and Economics

School of Consciousness and Transformation TSD 6778 3.00

In light of worldwide economic uncertainties and expanding globalization in the current exchange economy, it can be challenging to determine how we can participate in ways that are in alignment with our personal values while also supporting ourselves. How can we revision money as a tool for spiritual development? Are there ways to augment our income while benefiting society? How do the religious/spiritual communities with which we are involved approach issues around spirituality and money? How can we come from a place of abundance instead of scarcity in our day-to-day lives? In this seminar course, we will explore our attitudes about money and spirituality, and look at established as well as emerging economic systems that might address these questions. We will investigate alternative economies such as “barter bucks,” “voluntary simplicity,” “LETSystems,” “sustainable communities,” “the gift economy,” “micro-lending,” etc. Students may choose to explore several systems more generally or a particular system.

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