Shadows of the Enneagram Personality Types

Public Programs and Performances WKS 042 1.00

Projection shapes what reality looks like from different type perspectives. Eights report a world of potential conflicts to control, while Twos feel bombarded by other people’s needs. Each type’s reality is subjectively true, but when emotions run high--our conditioned focus of attention “in here” shapes what we actually see “out there.” Then we are caught in an unrecognized illusion where You are the source of my well being or You are causing my distress. This series highlights projection in relationships that matter. Taught with panelists who can verbalize their self-reflections, we can internally replicate the placements of attention that lead them from truth to projection in relating. This level of inner practice allows us to enter the worldview held by different types of people, while also revealing how our own projected reality affects our significant others.

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