Sexual and Gender Orientation: Research, Policy, Society, and Self-Awareness

School of Consciousness and Transformation TLD 6796 3.00

Sexual orientation is broadly defined as the structure of a person’s sexual and/or romantic attractions in people of the same or opposite sex, or toward both sexes, while gender identity is how someone relates to gender expressions and self-identifies. Researchers have found that there is a spectrum of sexual orientations and gender identities ranging among being exclusively homosexual or lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, or questioning, and research regarding each of these orientations will be examined. A huge amount of new research has updated historical studies on sexual orientation, and new attention is devoted to the theories, causes, contexts, and expressions of diverse sexualities and sexual fluidity. Psychosocial processes related to orientation and gender identity, including stigma, homophobia, sexual and gender conforming and nonconforming behaviors, across the life course will also be studied. Students will write a paper on a topic of their choosing to explore these issues.

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