Science, Spirit, and Biodiversity

School of Consciousness and Transformation PAR 6284 3.00

The escalating loss of biological diversity, or biodiversity, on Earth has been identified as a scientific problem of great urgency. Human life is inextricably interdependent on other planetary life - for food, shelter, clean water, clothing, and medicine. Beyond this material dependence, however, lies the profound influence of diverse life on human systems of thought, including aesthetics, symbolism, communication, and spirituality. Because human beings evolved over millenia in tandem with other species, scientists have suggested that humans have an innate affinity for life and life-like processes, termed "biophilia." The implication of this theory is that human well-being cannot be sustained in the absence of a rich diversity of other species. In this course, we will investigate the status of biodiversity loss, current actions to staunch this accelerating "death of birth," and potential implications for the human spirit.

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