Rosen Method Bodywork

Public Programs and Performances WKS 016 1.00

Marion Rosen was the founder of Rosen Method, a somatic practice that develops the ability to decipher body language and to see through the outer layers of a person into the innermost working of the human heart. In this workshop, participants learn to interpret muscle tension and to support the release of this tension through gentle touch. Students explore how muscle tension, breath, and body postures interface with emotion. Participants also develop greater sensitivity in their touch and increase their ability to see subtle changes in the breath that indicate a person is speaking the truth or having a long-forgotten memory well up from the past. The spiritual and emotional dimensions of the breath are clarified, as well as the physiological foundations of breathing and the connection of breath to the unconscious. The workshop is a wonderful opportunity to study with Marion Rosen's close colleagues and experienced senior teachers. Each teacher brings a different perspective to Rosen's far-reaching and broad-based somatic approach to the whole person.

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