Return of the Goddess: Literature of the Goddess Spiritual Movement

School of Consciousness and Transformation PARW 6265 3.00

The return of the Goddess in modern western cultures is a phenomenon of the late 20th and 21st centuries. Sparked by the feminist movement and the feminist critique of inherited patriarchal traditions, women and men are seeking images of Goddess and God-She that affirm the female body, mind, and spirit to be in the image of divine power. Rejecting classical dualisms of mind and body, nature and spirit, many are also seeking immanental earth-based images of divinity that speak to the need to preserve the conditions of life on planet earth . A widespread grassroots countercultural movement that draws inspiration from ancient prepatriarchal and living tribal traditions is complemented by efforts to reintroduce female and earth-based imagery and understandings into Judaism and Christianity. This course will explore the literature of these movements.

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