Readings in Activist Scholarship: Antonio Negri

School of Consciousness and Transformation ANTH 6372 1.00

We are living at a critical moment in history when small actions can play a huge role in moving the human community toward emancipation and away from destructive competition and environmental degradation. The work of scholars and teachers—both within and outside of academia—is vital to global efforts for social change. Activist scholarship presents unique challenges and opportunities, inviting us to engage with transformative ideas and emancipatory perspectives. Readings in Activist Scholarship courses aim to introduce students to some of the most exciting, relevant, and surprising topics and thinkers of our time. These conversations can help us to understand better our particular roles as activists and scholars, as well as strengthen our collective capacity to build movements for social transformation.  Antonio Negri is a well-known Italian social and political theorist who studies the contemporary revolutionary movements that challenge the hegemony of today’s global imperial powers.  He investigates the conditions that could possibly lead to global transformation.  In this course, we will study the basic ideas and frameworks that Negri uses to understand imperial power.  We will look at the impact of new working conditions and new systems of communication and their roles in the development of late capitalism. Students will have the opportunity to use Negri’s perspectives to understand the different international solidarity groups and how they challenge the dominant ideology to bring about global social change. This class will be conducted as a seminar, where students’ readings, interpretations, and discussions of Negri’s texts will form the major pedagogical approach to understanding his work.

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