Psychotherapy for Men

School of Professional Psychology and Health ICP 6763 1.00

The particular gender-based training and roles that boys and men undergo can sometimes leave them struggling around intimacy and expression of feelings, out of touch with themselves, and overly, if secretly, reliant on external validation and support — all while having to appear independent, invulnerable, and in control. The underlying shame and blockages to the authentic self that men experience can then express themselves in ways that cause suffering to others as well as themselves. It can make them reluctant to engage in psychotherapy deeply or at all, and bring particular challenges and opportunities when the work takes place. This course will help students explore their potential strengths and needed areas of growth in working with men, and specific nuances and techniques that they can utilize to be most effective. Special attention will be paid to the intersection of gender considerations with sexual orientation, race and ethnicity, country of origin, and other factors.

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