Professional Project (Festival)

School of Consciousness and Transformation TPM 7735 6.00

"Students will• spend the final semester of the program planning together a festival in conjunction with a professional partner-organization. The festival should reflect the students' creative practice developed through the program as well as the cultural agenda of developing opportunities for contemporary performance within San Francisco, reflecting a commitment to radical-arts practice as an accessible and shared experience within the community. The students program their own (new) work and promote work that compliments a shared agenda from communities outside San Francisco, with the express intention of developing a culture of radical festival sharings. The wider purpose of the festival is to offer a clear 'exit' strategy for the students and, as such, are encouraged to use the 'portfolio' of practice developed for the festival as a starting point for further paid/funded creative practice. Students will be offered some funding from the program for the delivery of the festival and will be expected to offer a professional standard evaluation of the project as part of the assessment of the module. " TPM student

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