PCC and ESR MA Integrative Seminar

School of Consciousness and Transformation PARP 6897 3.00

The PCC and ESR MA Integrative Seminar is the capstone to the PCC and ESR journeys, required of all graduating MA students. The course is structured as a guided excavation of your journey through PCC or ESR, culminating in a public talk that displays your knowledge and unique perspective, presented before the PCC and ESR communities, faculty, and invited guests.  The course includes intensive practice and refinement of public speaking skills, writing exercises oriented at excavating and synthesizing your knowledge, explorations of your PCC or ESR journey in relation to questions of karma, and activities to assist you in planning your life after graduation.  Through review of subjects and texts studied, and reflection upon classroom and community experiences, you will draw together an integrated and integral conclusion to your PCC or ESR education.  ESR or PCC student

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