Nature, Ritual, and Community Healing

School of Consciousness and Transformation WKS 115 1.00

In Dagara society, all healing is accomplished in ritual through nature, and the participation of the village community. Nature is the landscape in which all healing takes place and it is the environment in which we renew ourselves and become whole, experiencing a sense of well being. In modernity, we have lost our natural tendency to function communally by embracing such thinking as “pull one’s self up by one’s bootstraps” and “every man for himself.” Yet only with community is a person’s life purpose discovered, nurtured, and most important, required to sustain community. Healing through ritual nourishes our spirits and our psyches. It heals the wounds in us that are unseen and unspoken. Ritual offers us a deeper healing solution to complex dilemmas that plague modern life, those problems that lie beneath the surface, waiting to erupt. Discover how to create community and learn the technology of ritual that activates the healing powers of nature! In this workshop, the instructor will lead participants in ritual drumming and singing so bring your drum and any other percussion instruments.

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