Multicultural Counseling and the Family

School of Professional Psychology and Health MCPI 6603 3.00

This course provides an overview of multicultural counseling through exploration of ethnic, social, and cultural mores and values of representative social groups and special populations. The content will focus on developing oneself as a student, therapist, and educator, who understands the complexity of human diversity—ethnicity, race, religion, sexual orientation, gender, socioeconomic class, and color. We will look at the limitations of current psychological models in addressing the particularities of our clients’ diverse familial and cultural backgrounds. Students will be asked to do mindfulness practices, inquiry, and dialogue to explore experiences and cultural backgrounds to help uncover their own beliefs, unconscious assumptions, projections, countertransference, fears, and biases. The instructor will help create a safe space and offer appropriate exercises and communication tools to encourage authentic exploration and dialogue of an emotionally charged topic. Therapeutic Communication; Group Dynamics; ICP student; Non-ICPW student

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