Mindfulness and the Relational Self

School of Consciousness and Transformation PAR 6090 1.00

Each passing moment of our conscious experience provides us with another opportunity to cultivate presence. Becoming fully present to and aware of what occurs in consciousness from moment to moment brings us into deeper relation to inner freedom. Such a relation is the beginning of a journey toward healing. Before we can begin, however, we must get to know who and where we are. This initial orientation can be gained through a specialized training called “the setting up of mindfulness.” In this class, we will investigate the mind from the perspective of an early Buddhist school called Theravada—the Way of the Elders. Students will examine and discuss universal predicaments and struggles as experienced through the life of an Indian prince who renounced his kingdom and became known as Buddha—the Awakened One. His gift of mindfulness-insight meditation as a tool for self-examination and discovery will be taught and practiced, and the benefits discussed. Priority to ACS, ESR, and PCC students

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