Meridians and Points I

American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine ACM 5221 3.00

This course presents the points of the hand taiyin Lung channel, the hand yangming Large Intestine channel, the foot yangming Stomach channel, the foot taiyin Spleen channel, and the hand shaoyin Heart channel. Standards for proportional measurement will be covered as well. Points are located through comparative review of traditional and modern anatomy. Hands-on practice in locating points is emphasized; therapeutic indications and treatment methods utilizing acupuncture and moxibustion are discussed. Instruction is given in the functional selection of points through the application of differential diagnosis of conditions. The channels are studied following the circadian sequence of qi movement through the channels. This course prepares students for clinical practice by developing the skill to accurately locate points and the ability to understand and compose point combinations. Prerequisite: ACM5110. ACM 5110

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