Listening to Silence: Evoking a Spiritual Dimension in Inquiry

School of Consciousness and Transformation TSD 6255 3.00

The prevailing epistemology of the traditional academy turns the subject of inquiry into an object, separate from the knower. In contrast, spiritual epistemology evokes the whole-making ground that unites knower with other. However, so pervasive is the prevailing epistemology that sincere methodological attempts to bring a more participative, inclusive and mutual relationship between known and unknown is often thwarted or left wanting, denying an inquiry its spiritual dimension. Literature for this course discusses the limitations of Western epistemology through discourse in consciousness studies and in comparative literature using Buddhist and Indigenous epistemologies as contrast. In addition, the psychological resistance and existential dread that often accompany attempts to adopt multiple ways of knowing are explored through the contemporary Jungian idea of the cultural complex. On an experiential level, students will witness their own experience of silence that offers a threshold to a boundless ground. Silence paradoxically can be calming or terrorizing. This course is for those who choose either a theoretical or qualitative method for their dissertation inquiry.

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