Leadership, Integral Spirituality, and Evolutionary Change

School of Consciousness and Transformation EWP 6165 3.00

This course is an experiential, hands-on exploration of leadership action that arises from deep spiritual wisdom and that fosters personal, professional and planetary transformation. Students will study the following topics and apply them to a specific idea or project of their choice: a) East/West psychology, evolutionary wisdom and the “Bodhisattva Vow” as a foundation for leadership that empowers self and others toward greater service, alleviation of suffering, and a more profound expression of self in one’s workplace, community and the world. b) Leadership competency that is sourced from compassion, integrity and clarity of purpose, and that solves problems, shifts systems, and can design projects for personal, professional and social well being. c) Tools for envisioning the future, creating new patterns, stories, and paradigms for the present and for manifesting desired results. d) Leadership practices for enhancing courage, empowering and motivating others, creating conversations that generate possibility, transforming breakdowns into breakthroughs, walking our talk, and embodying our highest ideals in practical ways with visible results in the world.

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