Introduction to Theory

School of Consciousness and Transformation ANTH 6148 3.00

The purpose of this course is to introduce students to social theory for radical change. We will interrogate radical theoretical traditions and become acquainted with concepts relevant to political action. Students will gain familiarity with basic concepts of Marxist critiques of political economy, anarchist analyses of hierarchy, feminist approaches to intersectionality, and critical race theory. Additionally, this seminar explores the theory behind struggles against capitalism, coloniality, and neoliberal globalization that have taken place over the past few decades, and the theoretical alternatives and new forms of political expression that have emerged in countries throughout the Global South and Global North. We will look at new ideas, cultural practices and knowledge produced within the World Social Forum, indigenous movements, new anarchist and post- Marxist traditions, Quaker and liberation theology, feminist networks, transnational coordinations like La Via Campesina, as well as concepts of "other theory," solidarity economy and participatory democracy. Priority to ANTH students

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