Intro to Performance- Making

School of Consciousness and Transformation TPM 7305 3.00

The class serves as an intensive introduction to the MFA in Performance Making, introducing the ethics of performance making and the values of such practice in a professional context. Students will follow a range of task-based, studio-based, and site-based exercises to generate material, which will then be critiqued in individual and collective cultural contexts. A range of U.K. and U.S.-based performance artists will be considered and discussed in relation to the notion of translation and exchange. In addition, during the first week, there will be daily reading groups, considering shared critical reading that informs practice and culture. Students will come together in small groups to develop a short 15 minute piece of performance, which may be considered as a ‘work-in-progress’, but should be ready to be seen externally. These pieces will be performed to a public audience and will be reflected upon by the group as a whole. Students are encouraged to move on from this project into a period of auditing-- of ideas, performance practices, skills --and of reflection of this work in response to forthcoming performance classes.  TPM student

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