Inquiry Into True Nature: Exploring Body, Personality, and the Soul

School of Professional Psychology and Health ICPW 6592 1.00

This experiential, spiritual elective will teach a range of ways to inquire into one's multi-dimensional and psychospiritual unfoldment.  Some of these methods will include practices that connect us more deeply with our somatic experiences such as sensing, authentic movement, breathwork and dialogue.  The course will introduce the Enneagram as a way to uncover personality structures and their interface with awakening and the integrated development of the soul. This will have strong personal and clinical relevance.  We will learn about and inquire into the different aspects of the soul.  Students will practice a range of meditations to evoke deeper contact with inner dimensions and to open into spaciousness.   The course will draw on the writings of A.H. Almaas, Jungian authors, somatic and Enneagram teachers, and others to help understand how True Nature moves through the body, personality and the soul.  These perspective will naturally create a non-dual and welcoming space for all of who we are in the moment.  We will explore into the known and the unfolding Mystery in each of us.  The instructor will also do inquiry and therapy demonstrations with students.  Students will also have opportunities to practice with each other and receive feedback to deepen the skills of inquiry and psychotherapy.

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