Holistic Awareness: An Embodied Inquiry

School of Consciousness and Transformation EWP 6362 3.00

This course explores the different types of wisdom that inform human awareness. It explores how a cultivation of these different types can lead to a more coherent awareness of the holistic reality of human nature. This awareness is itself holistic and provides a perspective upon the whole as well as a unique perspective from each type of wisdom. Stepping out of a merely mental awareness and into the deeper rhythms of embodied life, we embark on a journey of holistic awareness, wherein body, vital, heart, mind, and spirit can flow together in mutually enhancing and creative relationships. This course engages an embodied inquiry into distinct forms of awareness—somatic, sexual, emotional, mental, and spiritual—that together comprise the diversity of ‘human ecology.’ It is proposed that this holistic perspective, by aligning itself with the holistic reality of earth’s ecological systems, can help us to live in accord with the living breath of mother earth. Based upon “interactive embodied meditations”, which involve structured and respectful physical contact among participants, this course consists of an informational gathering and three intensive weekend retreats. Priority to EWP students

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