Filosofia Caribena: Music as Identity and Resistance

Public Programs and Performances WKS 089 1.00

The Creole nature of Latin jazz—and Caribbean culture in general—is in many ways a template for diversity, respect, and understanding for the entire planet. It tells an urgent story that is a beautiful testament to human perseverance, but it is not a pretty story. Genocide, slavery, apartheid, and continued colonial mentality are the results of the American experiment and clash of cultures. Identities lost and found also epitomize American history and are the basis of great turmoil and passion for the individual and collective mind. The Caribbean region plays a central role in American history, reminding us that it is the heart of the Americas both historically and culturally. The Afro-Latin music that emanates from the Caribbean is a powerful manifestation of self-determination and education within working-class communities. This series is based on the music of the Spanish-speaking Antilles—music that documents and embodies the American saga as well as any.

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