Emerging Field of Restorative Justice

School of Undergraduate Studies BIS 1417 1.00

Restorative Justice is quickly emerging as a desired set of principles and practices to mediate conflict, strengthen community, and repair harm in multiple contexts. It is currently practiced in schools, community groups, and along the entire continuum of the justice process, whether as an alternative to incarceration, an in-custody education program, or for re-entry. It is used by social workers, students, justice advocates, professors, school teachers, psychologists, community activists, and others in the U.S. and around the globe, most notably in South Africa and New Zealand. This is a two- day workshop of experiential learning about restorative justice theory and applications in school, justice, and community settings. In this workshop you will learn principles of restorative justice and hear from practitioners in the field who have successfully used Circles and other restorative practices to change the culture of their schools, as well as those doing restorative conferences as an alternative to mass incarceration strategies. BIS student

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