Embodied Healing through African Diasporic Percussion, Song, and Movement

School of Consciousness and Transformation PARW 6793 1.00

In this course, we will theoretically contextualize why the healing traditions of Africa - based in live percussive music, movement, storytelling, shamanism, village circle games, and belly laughter - have now become central to the embodied healing humans seek. In the last 15 years, we have been seeing an increased popularization of drumming, as there is more need for immense ethocultural vibrational healing essential to our wellness as a species. Through embodied hands-on exploration, everyone in the course will participate together in the creation of traditional and contemporary movement-based live percussive music rhythms, and call and response chants, that support the connection of body, mind, and spirit naturally relaxing into congruent and elevating frequencies. From this embodied place, each person will be able to find his or her own voice and perhaps more entryways for connection, collaboration, and creativity. Bring your drums or use ours.

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