Cross-Cultural Approaches to Charisma

School of Consciousness and Transformation TSD 6452 3.00

Leadership is by and large actualized by the charisma that the leader manifests. Charisma is the quality and capacity that one has to inspire followers and disciples. What constitutes charismatic qualities of a leader? How does charisma inspire followers? Are there cross-cultural differences involved in the quality and realization of charisma? If so, how do the differences manifest and what are the philosophical assumptions underlying such different manifestations? Can charismatic people from different cultures communicate effectively? To answer these questions, this course will begin with a survey of the concepts of charisma and selfhood from the perspectives of Confucianism, Buddhism, Christianity, and modern psychology. It will then describe how these cultural upbringings shape different types of charisma. After that, the course will provide historical and contemporary examples of how charismatic people successfully inspired their followers worldwide. Along this line, we will scrutinize a few cases of successful and ineffective communications between charismatic figures cross-culturally. Finally, a discussion and exploration will be conducted on the possible ways to achieve cross-culturally effective communication between charismatic people.

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