Conscious Diversity: Inner and Outer - A Diversity Process Class

School of Consciousness and Transformation EWP 6329 2.00

We live in a diverse world and need to be able to respond appropriately, not just from the heart, nor just from the mind, but also from skillful means, in ways that enhance cross-cultural relationships, value differences, and deepen one’s ability to act responsibly, think critically, and negotiate borders that might otherwise divide. This course will draw upon the inspiration and work of Arnold Mindell and his application of Process Work (Process Oriented Psychotherapy), World Work, and Deep Democracy, in order to gain skills that will cultivate awareness, cultural sensitivity, and inclusivity, as well as tools and concepts designed to resolve tensions, utilize strengths, support collaboration, and create welcoming environments. Students will begin to learn how to become skillful practitioners, facilitators, and change makers, modeling the world they want by the way they work with themselves. It is up to each of us to contribute to a new tomorrow, a diverse rich world, where everyone feels at home!

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