Comprehensive Examination

School of Consciousness and Transformation PARP 9600 0.00

The two required comprehensive exams are taken after all other coursework is completed, one per semester, in two consecutive semesters. Each comprehensive exam must be completed in one semester. The first comprehensie exam will demonstrate thorough knowledge of an ecological theme or issue, contextualized in a religious, spiritual, and/or philosphical milieu. The second comprehensive exam will demonstrate in-depth knowledge of a religious, spiritual, or philosophical tradition, broadly defined, in relation to ecology. To complete the comprehensive exams, the student devises a reading list of 20 to 30 texts, including books, articles, and chapters, in consultation with his/her advisor. Upon reaching agreement on the reading list, the student reads the texts and write an essay of about 35 pages, making an argument that ties together the various works and situates the student's perspective within the field of religion and ecology. PCC student

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