Clinical Externship II

American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine AOM 9847 2.00

Several options are open to the students for completing the clinical externships: (1) externship at Zhejiang Chinese Medical University, Hangzhou China under the supervision of Chinese and/or ACTCM faculty; or (2) Students are working with senior AOM practitioners (a minimum of fifteen (15) year of clinical experience) of their choice in the United States. If AOM practitioners are dual licensed as MD, DO, DC, ND, NP, the fifteen (15) years may be accumulative years of practice in the field of health care with five (5) years of clinical experience in AOM. A blend of Western medicine and AOM practice must demonstrate a level of expertise, skill and knowledge, and provide an appropriate level of clinical education for the DAOM students to achieve expected program competencies. ACTCM must approve these practitioners or mentors. Externship opportunities are available in integrative medical settings that include Chinese medicine practitioners and western medical providers. ACTCM must approve all externship sites. Students may complete one or several of these options with prior permission of the Director of the DAOM program.

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