School of Consciousness and Transformation MFA 7183 3.00

Building from the historical and philosophical foundation formed in the Art and Social Justice course sequence, Catalyst students will craft, develop, and document a community arts project. Though students will continue to investigate the history and practice of community arts, this is primarily a practicum class; students will instigate a collaborative project within a community, and evaluate their strategies, successes, and challenges on the basis of the critical discourse they’ve cultivated within the emphasis. We will meet as a group to offer resources in the development and execution of project work; to support and problem-solve as student-artists work in their identified communities; and to guide the reflective and evaluative piece of the Community Projects. Additionally, we will consider how students can articulate their work as community artists through marketing, promotion, and fundraising. We will look at the landscape of community arts funding and networking both locally and nationally so that students may be prepared to expand their work in the world as they emerge from their MFA Program. Priority to MFA students

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