Activist Organizing Skills: Social and Ecological History of San Francisco

School of Consciousness and Transformation ANTH 6263 1.00

This class will take students through a breathtaking tour of how San Francisco came to be what it is today. The original landscape of rolling sand dunes and wetlands (today’s CIIS building sits where once 120-foot sand dune ridges crisscrossed the area) were literally flattened during early urbanization, a city-making process that took place in the throes of early industrialization. We’ll navigate local lost landscapes, and in virtual tours we’ll come to understand the ebb and flow of the bitter class war that has coursed throughout San Francisco’s history, shaping the people, cultures, and landscapes in ways that helped obscure the very histories themselves. From the landfilling of shorelines and creekbeds, to the abiding racism of local labor movements, the deep roots of the City will be uncovered, putting to rest the self-congratulatory boosterism that characterizes all too much of local “history.” Priority to ANTH students

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