Activist Environmental Skills: Impact Study, Risk Analysis, and Management

School of Consciousness and Transformation ANTH 6180 1.00

Increasingly, ecological systems are exposed to toxic substances due to human industrial and agricultural activities, which may cause serious harm to human populations and other living organisms.  It is important to find ways to estimate the risk involved from exposure to hazardous substances.  It is also important to remediate such risks once they have been identified. Environmental impact studies are an important tool for community organizing; they allow the activist and policymaker to participate in public decisions in a way that will protect the community. Using a number of historical case studies and legal decisions, students will learn how to identify the different stakeholders who may be affected by a given project in a given community.  In addition, they will study a variety of approaches in order to work with multidisciplinary teams of specialists who estimate and forecast environmental consequences along with immediate direct effects of a project.  Risk assessment is a first step in any environmental advocacy work, laying a foundation for in-depth cost-benefit analysis of proposed public or private projects.  As such, it is a must for activists and policymakers alike.  In this course, students will learn a variety of approaches and methods used in the identification of hazards and their potential and actual effects, including the level of toxicity and related pathologies. Priority to ANTH students

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