In June 2017, we offer three intensive workshops on the cutting edge of justice, healing and reconciliation. Seminar leaders have decades of experience in their fields, whose work is also integrated in how they walk in the world. This summer they bring their creativity to CIIS and offer workshops that they themselves have not taught before.  Aligned with CIIS pedagogy, summer institute workshops are grounded in experiential, didactic and multi-modal approaches to learning.

Seminars will remain small, capped at 24 participants. Cost of each workshop is $425. Partial scholarships are available solely on a need and case-by-case basis. Up to one workshop per session can be chosen.

Workshop 1

Diné and Mesoamerican Peacemaking circles - Transcending punishment and living in alignment with our values to honor all our relations
Tuesday, June 20 - Friday, June 23; 10am-5pm 
Taught by Justice Robert Yazzie and Rose Elizondo 
MyCIIS Course Code: CT 6536

What if for three generations, we didn't punish each other. This seminar will incorporate the use traditional teachings, circle, silence, interactive activities, songs and stories that shine light on the fundamental law of the Diné (Navajo people). Discussions will include integration of the teachings into our daily lives, practical visioning for our communities and application to our current events i.e. the movement to resist the Dakota pipeline. Participants should keep in mind that this workshop is taught within an indigenous paradigm, which might challenge western constructions of knowledge, time, relationships and modes of inquiry. 

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Workshop 2

Justice as Healing, Healing as Justice
Monday, June 26 - Thursday, June 29; 10am-5pm 
Taught by Thuy Nguyen and sujatha baliga
MyCIIS Course Code: CT 6531

This workshop explores the relationship between justice and healing. Over the course of four days, we will explore the following themes: How can we work tirelessly towards a more just world while still attending to and centering our personal health and well-being? What are the consequences of an exclusive focus on healing at a personal level when our society is plagued by injustice? What are our responsibilities as activists to healing? As healers to justice? The workshop will include discussions and studies on traditional healing practices as well as on restorative and transformative approaches to justice.  In addition to discussions, the workshop will also integrate practices such as restorative justice circles, meditation and healing exercises for an experiential and holistic inquiry.

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Workshop 3

Holistic Movement-Building 
Monday, June 26 - Thursday, June 29; 10am-5pm
Taught by Kazu Haga and Sonya Shah
MyCIIS Course Code: CT 6532

"Power without love is reckless and abusive, while love without power is sentimental and anemic." Dr. King, Gandhi, Chavez and others envisioned a movement that harnesses the power to change policies and institutions while cultivating the love it will take to transform relationships. What does it mean to build holistic movements for justice and healing? How do we build a movement grounded in love without giving up the power and the urgency of now? How do we dismantle systems of oppression without replicating those same patterns in our own relationships? How do we heal our wounds while transforming the systems that perpetuate them? How do we better cultivate the relationship between inner and outer transformation? What do holistic movements for justice and healing look like in terms of real practice and on the ground? This workshop will engage these questions, explore past and current movements, and envision paradigms and practices to build more holistic movements grounded in both justice and healing. This four-day inquiry will interweave theory, discussion, experiential exercises, and a collaborative approach.

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