The Academic Affairs Office includes:

  • Judie Wexler, the Provost and Interim President. In her role as Provost she is responsible for all faculty, student services departments (Admissions, Financial Aid, Registrar, Center for Writing & Scholarship, Educational Technology), and some institutional services (Academic Assessment, Institutional Research), and is ultimately responsible for the vision and direction of students' experiences at CIIS. 
    • Anne Teich, the Manager of Academic Affairs, whose responsibilities include administering core and adjunct faculty contracts. 
    • Matthew T. Segall, the Executive Assistant to the Provost, whose responsibilities include administering instructor evaluations and compiling the Academic Catalog on an annual basis. 
  • Chip B. Goldstein, the Associate Provost, who assists the Provost in overseeing some of the student services and institutional services listed above and co-facilitates with the President institutional strategic planning processes. 
  • Peter Jones, the Director of Institutional Effectiveness
    • Lael Fon, the Institutional Research Analyst.
  • Becky McGovern, the Director of the MCP Field Placement Office and Clinic Sites. 

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