The Arts at CIIS is a contemporary arts exhibition program that cultivates community engagement and creative and integrative approaches to the urgent challenges facing society today. Through exhibitions, publications, and events featuring emerging and established artists, The Arts at CIIS strives to promote pluralism in the arts, to support artists in the creation of new work, and to foster dynamic and critical dialogues within and across communities.


is an exhibition and publications project of The Arts at CIIS that fosters pluralism within the field of photography and lens-based media by supporting the work of emerging and mid-career artists of African, Latino, Native American, Middle Eastern, North African, Asian, and Pacific Island heritage. We believe that culture is global, regional, and interpersonal; that we are all participants with a collective stake in the technological, creative, and communal forces that shape it.

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CIIS Main Building Galleries

Desai Matta Gallery, 1453 Mission Street, San Francisco

Open daily 9:00 am - 9:00pm (excluding holidays)

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