Mission and Vision

The Arts at CIIS is committed to supporting the creation and presentation of new and experimental works in all disciplines by artists representing a pluralism of voices, identities, and communities. We are rooted in the belief that arts and culture advance civic participation and engagement in our communities, nourish curiosity, and foster discourse across differences about the challenges we share and the future we’re creating.

We seek to support art works that:
● are research-based, process-oriented, risk-taking, and critical in nature.
● promote pluralism and a complex understanding of our distinct and overlapping histories. 
● pose critical questions informed by a deep engagement with context, from the local to the international.
● illuminate and advance resilient and interdependent communities.
● reflect emerging artists’ voices while presenting a platform for intergenerational dialogue.
● are in critical dialogue with the history of CIIS, informing and rendering more complex our understanding of that history in the present day.
● foster integral and interdisciplinary connections within the CIIS community and academic curriculum.

Gallery Hours

CIIS Main Building Galleries

Desai | Matta Gallery
1453 Mission Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

Open daily 9:00am - 9:00pm (excluding holidays)

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