The CIIS Green Team provides leadership for CIIS as an institution in the area of sustainability by embodying ecological justice, cultivating reciprocal relationships, and inviting play and pleasure into ecological accountability. We are committed to transforming our community’s consciousness through a holistic ecological focus that engages global paradigm shifts and enables action.


  • The CIIS campus is a platform for applying integral care to ourselves, our communities, our cities, our bioregions, and our world.
  • All members of the CIIS community take joyful ownership of their ecological outputs and behaviors, self-regulating not based on guilt but on an ethics of care and collaboration.
  • The CIIS community operates as an integral ecosystem to create a holistic and innovative green school that helps the world in its environmental efforts through responsibility and education.
  • The CIIS community can be proud knowing that CIIS is a front-runner institution, playing an active role in elevating ecological consciousness in the wider world through collaborative participation.
  • CIIS students, faculty, and staff integrate ecological consciousness into their education, values, and everyday life. 


  1. Become a certified Green Business
  2. Shift disposable culture
  3. Encourage correct use of triple stream waste system
  4. Promote general education, conversation, & training
  5. Connect food justice with sustainability
  6. Develop and maintain a web presence and community


Benefits/Impacts to the Institution

  • Uphold CIIS’ commitment to sustainability (see Seven Commitments)
    • [Commitment #5 Advocate sustainability and social justice: CIIS is committed to exploring and promoting knowledge and practices that affirm human solidarity with the entire Earth community. Recognizing that business as usual threatens the integrity of life itself on a planetary scale and perpetuates structures of oppression on a large portion of the human population, CIIS strives to generate creative alternatives leading to a just and flourishing world.]
  • Take part in the larger global conversation and action for sustainable and ecological transitions in the face of climate collapse.
  • Uphold the institution's values in a practical way leading to concrete, observable results.
  • Offer access to students, faculty, and staff to front-running ecological transition education
  • Save money
  • Increase the value of the building
  • increase admissions: Help with marketing for the school (green values and cutting-edge climate crisis and “ecojustice” (see banner on outside of school) concerns truly integrated into our mission:

Policy Statement

The California Institute of Integral Studies is committed to acting in accordance with ecological, social, and spiritual best practice. The “Green Team” established by this institute is responsible for upholding these values and integrating them within an ecological focus. To this aim, we provide infra-structural mediation across departments and education on climate and ecology to ensure CIIS’s participation with San Francisco’s efforts toward sustainability and carbon neutrality. Our policy is to act from a consciousness that is aligned with wholeness for personal, collective, and global well-being. We strive to consistently incorporate play and activism into an integral ecological accountability by ennobling an embodied connection to Earth.

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