CIIS is a commuter (non-residential) campus. In order to assist you with finding housing, downloadable housing and relocation resources guidee containing useful tips, housing-related internet sites, short-term housing options, and descriptions of all of the San Francisco neighborhoods to help you make the best decision for your needs and lifestyle. Many students use public transportation to get to our campus, as we are easily accessible by BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit). Below is a transit map that helps illustrate different cities and neighborhoods that are also near BART stations.

In addition, prospective and current students can look for housing listings at the MyCIIS student portal. Students may also request to join the general student listserv where many rental and housemate opportunities are advertised (the majority of which are posted by CIIS students). To subscribe, go to the Student Life tab of MyCIIS (you must be logged in to MyCIIS to view this page). There, you will find instructions on how to join the listserv.

We encourage you to come join us in the Bay Area and enjoy all that this wonderful area has to offer. For more information or support around housing, contact Student Affairs at (415) 575-3481, (415)575-6158, or

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