The Center for Writing and Scholarship (CWS) supports students, faculty, and staff in their development as academic writers, scholars, and practitioners-regardless of skill level-through in-person and online consultations, courses and community workshops, editing services, and access to resources on academic writing, research, and pedagogy. CWS is an instrumental resource in empowering students and educators across program areas as they engage with, contribute to, and potentially transform their fields of practice and scholarship.

The CWS Writing Fellows Program-a year-long training program for current students-is at the heart of the Center's mission. Writing Fellows from a variety of academic disciplines are trained to work within the CIIS and ACTCM community as tutors, teachers, and facilitators of academic writing and research skills.

At CWS, we strive to honor integral, diverse, and creative approaches to writing and scholarship, while empowering scholars through a student-centered approach that values deep listening, process-oriented inquiry, collaboration, and thoughtful communication across complex differences.

CWS Services

CWS offers credit-based writing courses, an online writing center, writing salons and peer review writing lab groups, in-class workshops and guest lectures, individual tutoring sessions, and pedagogical support for faculty. Along with writing support services, CWS reviews and approves all dissertations submitted for degree conferral by CIIS students, and collaborates closely with a network of Technical Editors in insuring CIIS publication standards are met.

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