February 2017

February 4-5 NTU Psychotherapy: An African-Centered Approach to Healing and Wellness with Denise Boston
February 4-5 Drumming, Overtone Singing, and Mind-body Synchronization with Glen Velez
February 10 Mantra and Self Concert with Silvia Nakkach and Thomas Amelio
February 15 Creativity and the Future with Alfonso Montuori
February 17 On Self Compassion with Kristin Neff and Michael Klein
February 18 The Power of Mindful Self Compassion with Kristin Neff
February 18-19 The Trickster in Tibetan Buddhist Practice: Working with Paradox, Provocation, and Humor with Steven Goodman
February 19 The Art and Discipline of Writing with Richard Tarnas
February 23 The Ultimate Cure: Healing Core Wounds in the Midst of Spiritual Awakening with Richard Miller
February 24 Abiding Awakening: How to Discover and Support the Next Stage of
Human Development
with Loch Kelly
February 24 The Personal Psychology of Transpersonal Enlightenment with Adyashanti
February 24-26 Nondual Wisdom and Psychology Conference

March 2017

March 4-5 How to Cultivate Qi with Jun Wang
March 4-5 The Way of the Shaman: The Basic Workshop with Susan Mokelke
March 8 The Promise of Psychedelic Healing and the Future for Medicine with Natalie Metz
March 10 Ayurveda Lifestyle Wisdom with Acharya Shunya and Debashish Banerji
March 10-12 Fundamentals of Ayurveda Medicine with Acharya Shunya
March 11-12 Rosen Method Bodywork with Gloria Hessellund and Sara Webb
March 13 How to Have Difficult Conversations with Daniel Ellenberg
March 18-19 Building a Vocal Community with Ysaye Barnwell
March 22 A Better Path to the End of Life with Jessica Nutik Zitter and Richard Buggs
March 23 Why Won't You Apologize? with Harriet Lerner and Barbara Morrill
March 24 Comedy and Conversation with Baratunde Thurston and Rotimi Agbabiaka
March 28 Money and Gender with Kate Levinson and Kelly Kelly
March 29 An Evening with Poet Tyler Knott Gregson
March 30 How to Develop Confidence with Lynne Henderson

April 2017

April 5 Social Change Through Expressive Arts with Danielle Drake
April 7 Mind-Body Health with Gabor Maté and Meg Jordan
April 8 When the Body Says No: Mind/Body Unity and the Stress Disease Connection with Gabor Maté
April 9 The Hungry Ghost: A Biopsychosocial Perspective on Addiction, from Heroin to Workaholism with Gabor Maté
April 15-16 The Business of Healing with Denmo Ibrahim
April 21 Adapting Nature's Design for a Better Future with Amina Khan and Arianne Gelardin
April 29 Women, Money, Spirit Conference

May 2017

May 1 Traditional Chinese Wisdom and the Totality of Healing with Yuan Tze
May 3 How to be Married with Jo Piazza and Nicolle Zapien
May 5 The Awakened Family with Shefali Tsabary and Richard Buggs
May 9 How to Explore Dreams with Fariba Bogzaran
May 10 The Songs of Trees with David George Haskell and Elizabeth Allison
May 11 Participatory Spirituality with Jorge Ferrer and Matthew Segall
May 22-24 Social Intelligence for Leaders with Daniel Ellenberg
May 25 How to Work Well with Others with Ashara Ekundayo
May 30 Telling Psychedelic Stories with Don Lattin

June 2017

June 2-4 iRest Personal Practice Immersion with Richard Miller
June 6 Internet and Impermanence with Brewster Kahle
June 7 The Science of Friendship with Christine Brooks
June 9-11 How to Use Movement as a Healing Resource with Sylvie Minot & Wendy Heffner
June 14 Nature, Culture, and Knowledge with Sean Kelly, Sam Mickey, and Adam Robbert
June 20 Artificial Intelligence and Ethics with Mikey Siegel and Alexander Reben

July 2017

July 14-16 The Power of Embodied Presence: Inhabiting Yourself, Your Subtle Body, and Your Life with John Welwood

August 2017

August 1 The Summer of Love and the Stars with Richard Tarnas

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