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Featured Episode

Zahra Noorbakhsh: Fighting Islamophobia with Humor
Recorded December 15, 2016

Natalie Metz: The Future for Psychedelics
Recorded March 8, 2017

CIIS's Natalie Metz explores the potential that psychedelics hold for the future of medicine.

Adyashanti: Transpersonal Enlightenment
Recorded February 24, 2017

Spiritual teacher and author Adyashanti discusses his belief that there are two spiritual instincts that reside deep within everyone.

Alfonso Montuori: The Future of Creativity 
Recorded February 15, 2017

CIIS Professor and creativity researcher Alfonso Montuori shares his 25 years of explorations in the field, illustrating the emerging face of the new creativity.

Kristin Neff: The Power of Self Compassion
Recorded February 17, 2017

Self compassion researcher Kristin Neff joins CIIS faculty Michael Klein to examine how self compassion can lower anxiety and depression, and support more satisfying relationships.

Leslie Hill and Helen Paris: Curious
Recorded October 8, 2016

Co-founders of the performance company Curious, Leslie Hill and Helen Paris, are joined in conversation by CIIS Visiting Faculty Ryan Tacata to talk about their work. This event was part of the Dancing with the So Called Dead Festival, a collaboration with the MFA Program in Theatre-Performance Making and The Arts @ CIIS.

David Levy: On Mindful Technology
Recorded January 19, 2017

Author and researcher David Levy joins CIIS Professor Sergio Rodriguez-Castillo to explore how we might move between the "fast world" of tech and the "slow world" of contemplation.

Melissa Nelson: Listen to the Land
Recorded December 7, 2016

Indigenous scholar and activist Melissa Nelson and Zen teacher Wendy Johnson discuss ecological knowledge and how to listen to the land.

Zahra Noorbakhsh: Fighting Islamophobia with Humor
Recorded December 15, 2016

Comedian, writer, and actress Zahra Noorbakhsh is joined by CIIS faculty member Zara Zimbardo for a conversation that explores being Muslim in America today, and how to counter discrimination with comedy.

Mikey Siegel and Karla Suomala: Technology and Spirituality  
Recorded December 13, 2016

Karla Suomala, a researcher and former Professor of Religion and Mikey Siegel, a robotics engineer turned consciousness hacker, discuss the intersections of technology and spirituality.

Roshi Joan Halifax: Being with Dying
Recorded November 18, 2016

Zen priest, author, and pioneer in the field of end-of-life care Roshi Joan Halifax is joined in conversation by Brenda Salgado about death and dying, Buddhism, and social activism.

Zara Zimbardo: What Can We Learn from Zombies?
Recorded December 15, 2016

CIIS faculty Zara Zimbardo explores our enduring interest in zombies, and examines what this increasingly normalized pop culture obsession points to. This talk was part of the Big Ideas at CIIS series.

Lily Siegel and Pierre-François: Inherited Memory in Art
Recorded November 29, 2016

Curators from The Contemporary Jewish Museum Lily Siegel and Pierre-François talk about From Generation to Generation - Inherited Memory and Contemporary Art, on view through April 2017. They were joined by Arts at CIIS curator Deirdre Visser for a conversation. This program was created in collaboration with The Contemporary Jewish Museum.

Dr. Christopher Bache: My Psychedelic Journey
Recorded November 16, 2016

Author and Professor of Religious Studies Dr. Christopher Bache discusses his twenty year long regimen of psychedelic exploration and therapy with CIIS Professor Sean Kelly.

Eduardo Duran: Healing the Soul Wound
Recorded November 4, 2016

Psychologist and author Eduardo Duran is joined in conversation by CIIS student Natalie Bell to discuss the legacy of historical trauma for Native American populations.

Sean San José: Ghosts in the Theatre
Recorded October 22, 2016

Theatre director Sean San José is joined in conversation by CIIS faculty and performance maker Erika Chong Shuch about ghosts, spirituality, and memory in performance. This event was part of the Dancing with the So Called Dead Festival, a collaboration with the MFA Program in Theatre-Performance Making and The Arts @ CIIS.

Frank Warren: A Night of PostSecrets
Recorded October 20, 2016

Frank Warren, the creator of the wildly popular website, PostSecret, talks about how he holds the over one million secrets he has received in the past 12 years since starting his site.

Nick Walker: Neurodiversity and Creativity  
Recorded October 13, 2016

One of the leading thinkers in the emergent field of neurodiversity, CIIS faculty member Nick Walker, discusses the benefits of a more neurodiverse world. This talk was part of the Big Ideas at CIIS series.

Guillermo Gómez-Peña: The GGGPS  
Recorded October 18, 2016

Chicano performance artist Guillermo Gómez-Peña is joined by author and performer Larry Bogad for this performative conversation, GGGPS: The Guillermo Gómez-Peña Positioning System. This event was part of the Dancing with the So Called Dead Festival, a collaboration with the MFA Program in Theatre-Performance Making and The Arts @ CIIS.

Meg Jordan: New Discoveries in Health Science
Recorded September 29, 2016

CIIS Professor Meg Jordan explores some of the most compelling new ideas in health from the world of science.

Deepak Chopra: Towards a Higher Health
Recorded September 28, 2016

Alternative medicine pioneer Deepak Chopra explores the question of how consciousness conceives and constructs the physical universe.

Alzak Amlani: Hearing the Soul
Recorded September 20, 2016

CIIS Professor and psychologist Alzak Amlani examines the benefits of developing the soul. This talk is part of our Big Ideas at CIIS series.

Dan Siegel: A Journey into the Heart of Being Human  
Recorded September 17, 2016

Clinical psychologist and interpersonal neurobiology expert Dr Dan Siegel is joined in conversation by Rick Hanson to take a deep dive into the mysteries of the human mind.

Sil Lai Abrams: A Search for Racial Identity
Recorded August 18, 2016

Author and activist Sil Lai Abrams reads from her new memoir, Black Lotus, and is joined in conversation by CIIS’s Laura Reddick.

Ericka Huggins: Black Panthers, Activism, and Spiritual Practice
Recorded September 8, 2016

Civil rights activist, former Black Panther leader, and educator Ericka Huggins is joined in conversation by CIIS professor and restorative justice expert Sonya Shah.

This episode is presented in collaboration with Bioneers and the 2016 National Bioneers Conference in San Rafael, California this October 21-23, 2016.

Paul Stamets: Mushrooms and the Mycology of Consciousness
Recorded August 11, 2016

Mycologist Paul Stamets examines how mushrooms can help the health of people and the planet.

Stuart Mangrum: The Psychogeography of Burning Man
Recorded August 6, 2016

One of the early organizers of Burning Man, Stuart Mangrum, discusses the psychogeography of the festival.

Cat Brooks and Manolia Charlotin: Women, Media, and Activism
Recorded March 16, 2016

Cat Brooks of San Francisco's Anti Police-Terror Project is joined in conversation by journalist Manolia Charlotin of The Media Consortium to discuss race, police violence, and criminal justice reform. This event was made in collaboration with public radio program Making Contact.

Richard Rodriguez: This Writing Life
Recorded June 10, 2016

Peabody Award-winning author Richard Rodriguez is joined in conversation by CIIS writing professor Carolyn Cook for a discussion on writing and the writer's life.

Mark Wolynn: It Didn't Start With You
Recorded May 10, 2016

Intergenerational trauma expert Mark Wolynn is joined in conversation by Richard Buggs, CIIS Dean of Alumni, to discuss how inherited family trauma shapes who we are and how he works with patients to end the cycle.

Brian Swimme: Why We Study the Universe
Recorded April 20, 2016

CIIS Professor Brian Swimme explores why trying to make sense of the universe is one of the oldest projects around and how these questions lead us to regularly reinvent what it means to be human.

Joanna Macy: A Life of Spirit in Action
Recorded April 8, 2016

Author, teacher, and ecophilosopher Joanna Macy is known the world over for her workshops for social and environmental activists. She's joined in conversation by ecophilosophy teacher Renée G. Soule to discuss her life and work.

Brian Christian and Tom Griffiths: Algorithms to Live By
Recorded April 27, 2016

The authors of "Algorithms to Live By", Brian Christian and Tom Griffiths, are joined in conversation by CIIS President Joseph Subbiondo to explore how computer algorithms can be applied to our everyday lives. This conversation is part of our Technology and Consciousness Series.

Carolyn Cooke: What Is Literature For?
Recorded April 13, 2016

CIIS Professor and author Carolyn Cooke explores reading and writing as important acts of consciousness.

Kal Spelletich and Jerry Kaplan: Artificial Intelligence and Art
Recorded April 7, 2016

Jerry Kaplan, a computer scientist and AI expert talks with Kal Spelletich, an artist who works with robotics about how humans might leverage this emerging technology creatively. This conversation is part of our Technology and Consciousness Series.

Craig Chalquist: Myth in the News
Recorded March 30, 2016

CIIS professor Craig Chalquist explores how myths jump out of the myth books and into our lives, inhabiting current events, our language, politics, and more.

Jake Orlowitz: Inside Wikipedia
Recorded March 9, 2016

The head of Wikipedia’s library, Jake Orlowitz, in conversation with Dr. Matt Segall about how Wikipedia keeps it’s vast and complicated platform running.

Reggie Ray: Buddhism, Trauma, and Healing
Recorded March 4, 2016

American Buddhist scholar Reggie Ray on how trauma can be an opportunity for spiritual growth.

Michelle Glowa: Eat Like it Matters
Recorded March 2, 2016

CIIS professor Michelle Glowa talks about how our food choices affect the world, and what we can do to cultivate more just and sustainable food systems.

Sobonfu Somé: Grieving and Ritual
Recorded February 26, 2016

Author and activist Sobonfu Somé on the importance of grieving and ritual.

Jeff Chang: On Race in America
Recorded February 11, 2016

Author and hip hop journalist Jeff Chang in conversation with novelist and poet Adam Mansbach on the cultural history - and future - of race in America.

Cheryl Strayed: An Evening with Dear Sugar
Recorded February 3, 2016

Author Cheryl Strayed talks to Carolyn Cooke about her writing style, her work as Dear Sugar, and her best selling book, Wild.

Theresa Sparks: Advocating for Transgender Rights
Recorded November 11, 2015

Transgender activist and pioneer Theresa Sparks in conversation with transgender CIIS professor, Dr. Jamison Green.

Jezebel Delilah X: How Literature and Theatre Saved My Life
Recorded Nov. 4, 2015

The story of Jezebel Delilah X—a self professed "quirky, queer, black girl from South Central LA” and how literature and theatre saved her life.
This episode includes explicit language.

Gabor Mate: The Mind/Body Connection
Recorded Oct. 30, 2015

Physician and award winning author, Dr Gabor Mate, discusses his research at the intersection of addiction, science, psychology, and compassion.

Tony Bossis: Psychedelic Drug Therapy
Recorded Oct. 22, 2015

Psychologist and researcher at NYU, Doctor Tony Bossis, reviews his work as part of the recent renaissance of psychedelic research.

Brant Cortright: Building a Better Brain
Recorded Oct. 15, 2015

Author and Professor of Psychology at CIIS, Dr. Brant Cortright, talks about his work at the cutting edge of neuroscience, clinical psychology, and brain health.

Cornel West: The Burden Carried by African American Men
Recorded April 10, 2015

One of America's most provocative public intellectuals, Dr. Cornel West, whose writing weaves together the traditions of the Black Baptist Church, social justice, progressive politics, and jazz.

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