"This program has immeasurably surpassed any hope or expectation I had. What I thought might be a smattering of introductions to various "sound healing modalities" is turning out to be a sacred and transformative journey into consciousness and possibility."
-Valerie Carpenter, professional writer and actress, 2008 graduate

"This Sound, Voice, Music and Healing program is providing vast tools for tuning into, and avenues for expressing the magic and the scientific power of sound and music that illuminates well- being, joy, and beauty to life."
-Aushim Chaudhuri, musician, 2012 graduate and son of Bina and Haridas Chaudhuri (CIIS's founders)

"Utterly transformational on so many levels, this program and the community held me and change my life. The certificate is a vehicle for trusting the process and finding your purpose."
-Karen Justis, transformational artist, 2010 graduate

"I believe the CIIS Sound, Voice, and Music Healing Certificate is the best Sound Healing program in the world. It makes the theory and science of Sound Healing accessible to a wider community of practitioners, while keeping the artistry and creativity necessary to enjoy and evolve the practice. My fellow presenters in the program are exceptional healers and musicians, and I highly recommend all of their classes."
-John Beaulieu, PhD, Course instructor, author, musician, and Naturopathic doctor

"I have never experienced something as instantaneously transformative as sound touching the human heart, the program is moving me closer to creating my own healing arts and energy medicine practice. I am now ready and situated in my life to move even deeper into my experience as a sound healing practitioner."
-Kate Busby, social worker, 2006 graduate

Silvia Nakkach and CIIS have created a visionary course on sound and the voice. Tapping from a wide variety of world music, contemporary sound techniques and heart empowered beauty, this program is unrivaled in bringing sound health and harmony to those who want to deepen, learn and explore music's power."
-Don Campbell, musician, author of The Harmony of Health and the Mozart Effect, and faculty of SVMH program

"The Sound, Voice, and Music Healing program is one of the most exquisite experiences in my life. It is not only very informative, fun and conducive to community building, but also heartwarming and profoundly inspiring. My inner being has been invigorated, well nurtured through the deep listening, vocal explorations, sound improvisations, humming, chanting, and other practices I've been joyfully learning here."
-Janetta Finn, musician, CIIS Philosophy, Cosmology, and Consciousness Graduate

"This program brings it all together for me; music, mysticism, science, technology, healing. We have intimate contact with incredible and inspirational presenters who are masters of their subject. The students are all ages and from all parts of the globe; each contributing their unique brilliance to the process. I appreciate the broad-stroke immersion into sound and healing."
-Kathy Loh, MA, CPCC, Professional Life and Relationship Coaching for Creative Souls

My gratitude abounds with understanding how fortunate I am to be studying with such a stellar faculty. I am blown away!!!! Each teacher takes me both to the depths of my being and to the height of my curiosity."
-Jennifer Youngdhal, singer, educator, and music healing practitioner.

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