John Beaulieu John Beaulieu

PhD, ND; Founder Biosonics

John Beaulieu, ND, PhD, is a naturopathic doctor, composer, and sound therapist. He is the founder of BioSonic RepatterningTM and the author of Music and Sound in the Healing Arts. He currently oversees molecular research on sound and the healing effects of tuning forks, and has published numerous research papers.

BioSonic RepatterningTM is a method of healing that uses tuning forks to attune the nervous system and re-pattern mind, body, and spirit. We will witness through demonstration how this form of energy medicine, based on sonic ratios inherent in nature, has practical applications in the healing arts.

Topics include the history of sound healing, the study of wave phenomena, sound and molecular science, sonic anatomy, voice and movement analysis, and sound as super-conscious psychotherapy. We'll also discuss the alchemy of mind, the art of still point, cranial anatomy, sonic fields, chaos theory, and sacred geometry.

Students will learn the theory and practice of healing with Pythagorean tuning forks through direct experience and group exercises. In addition, students we will explore techniques of ear reception, point stimulation, and overtone healing, and examine numerous case studies representing applications for children, relationships, psychiatric disorders, and addictions.

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