Glen Velez Glen Velez

Grammy-winning frame drummer and teacher

Glen Velez, a four-time Grammy® Award recipient, has played a seminal role in the history of world music during the last 25 years in introducing modern audiences to the frame drum. He has taught extensively in university and workshop settings worldwide, investigating the healing properties of drumming and sound. As a master teacher, Velez has developed his own teaching approach called "The Handance Method," which incorporates voice and body movement into the process of learning to play the frame drum. His most recent recording, Rhythms of the Chakras Vol. 2 (Sounds True), is scheduled to be released in fall 2008.


Since ancient times the frame drum has played an important role in the legacy of the drum; and it extends to ancient times as an instrument used widely for ritual and healing. In this workshop, you will experience the pulsing of the drum with the rhythm of your own voice in a percussive language inspired by Konnakol, or South Indian rhythm singing. As a group, we will call for guidance and support from ancient drummers, and using our honest endeavors to create a resonant body-voice-drum sound temple.

This workshop will explore simple movement, rhythmic breathing, and the tones of the frame drum to help strengthen the connections between the body, the voice, and the drum, as well as to experience the joy of being alive. We will use active listening, synchronized pulsing, overtone singing, and call and response to generate a sense of unity of purpose within yourself and the group as a whole as we explore the language of rhythm. People of all frame drum experience levels are welcome.

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