Anam Thubten Rinpoche Anam Rinpoche

Dharmata Foundation

Anam Thubten Rinpoche grew up in Tibet and at an early age, received traditional Buddhist training from various teachers. In the 1990s, Anam Thubten came to America, and people began requesting Dharma teachings from him. Since then, he has been traveling and teaching extensively in the U.S. and abroad. He is the founder of the Dharmata Foundation, and serves as the spiritual advisor and dharma teacher for the Dharmata Foundation. Rinpoche is the author of various articles and books in both the Tibetan and English language. His first book in English appeared under the title "No Self, No Problem". Anam Thubten's teachings mainly draw from Prajnaparamita, the timeless non-conceptual wisdom of Buddha. He currently resides in the San Francisco Bay Area, in Northern California.

These teachings are about healing through the power of sacred sound and mantra to clear the mind, exploring meditation as a path of devotion to cultivate an open heart. In the most ancient Tibetan mythological cycles, sound is considered to be the original source of all existence. Sound, which from the beginning of time has vibrated in ineffable emptiness, arises through mutations of light, and then differentiates into rays of various colors, from which the material elements that make up the entire universe originate.

The complete sound that comes from the fusion of the expressive force of the voice, the drum and the bell, is able to cut through the type of membrane that separates different states of consciousness, creating an atmosphere strongly permeated with wholeness and clarity. Rinpoche will discuss how the practice of sacred sound can activate our healing potential, when we are guided by the vision of helping as many people as possible to enter into this liberating realization, which transcends all cultural and philosophical bondage.

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