Alan Turry Alan Turry

DA, NRMT; Director of the Nordoff-Robbins Center, New York University

Alan Turry, DA, NRMT, MT-BC, LCAT is Managing Director of the Nordoff-Robbins Center for Music Therapy at NYU Steinhardt. Considered an expert in the use of musical improvisation as a therapeutic tool, he is recognized for his innovative contributions to the Nordoff-Robbins approach. An instructor of musical resources in clinical improvisation, he is a sought after teacher both nationally and internationally.


Just as speech has its rules of grammar, sentence construction, and different options of syntax, music too contains compositional elements that facilitate and shape its expression. An intimate connection exists in music between composition and improvisation. Both modes of creation use similar structural resources, such as formal procedures of harmonic progression, melodic construction, and rhythmic order. Composition, however, is free from any demands of immediacy, whereas improvisation is the creation of music in the moment and from moment to moment - composed in the living now.

To practice "creative music therapy" is to live at the threshold of artistic and developmental potential. It invites therapists to trust music making - musicing - as a means of reaching out and searching within, and as an instrument of clinical research.

Learn how intuition determines the clinical approach and inspiration for using music in therapy, the significance of the quality of expression achieved, and the importance of order in its form.

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